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Welcome to the home page of Stano Meduna

On this page I will publish everything related to my open source activities and other interests.

In the software area you will find resources about making the Linux operating system and applications running in this environment more attractive to the slovak user. As the localization support is improving and most of the needed changes were integrated to the popular distributions, you will find mostly older information here.

The Texts area contains a few short articles that don't match any other category.

One of my interests is photography. In this category you will find a few galleries, due to space restrictions unfortunately far less than I would like to present.

If anyone wants to know who I am, what am I doing professionally and eventually wants to contact me, the relevant information is published in the last category.

Recent changes on this site can be looked up on the last changes page.

Bratislava, 7. 11. 2004

Stanislav Meduna
stano (AT)