Selection and indication of the XKB keyboards

The selection of an appropriate X keyboard is little messy now. The majority of users changes XF86Config entries to select desired XKB keyboard or uses various configuration programs. There are some disadvantages:

These are the reason why I decided to create a package for selecting and indicating of XKB keyboards, that does not require the user to change X11 configuration and that supports the most used graphical environments (at least partially).

The goals of the design were:

The product contains an implementation of the framework for the definition and controlling of the XKB keyboards, defines a way for adding information to XKB files and provides five simple clients - command line, Athena Widgets, Window Maker and dockable applets for KDE and Gnome panels.

Don't expect too much - the package is basically of alpha quality and did received some more thorough testing only by me on RH 6.0/6.2 with glibc 2.1 It could run on glibc 2.0 system too; I doubt someone will have success with libc5. If you try some unusual environments, please, let me know the results.

It is also possible that there will be changes of the configuration file format, names of the maps, there will be some more or less RPM packages etc. If you want a package that remains stable for months, the actual version is probably not (yet) for you.

Binary packages were created on the Red Hat Linux 6.2 system. It is possible that they won't work correctly on older systems. If this is the case, you can recompile the package yourself or use older version.

Existing files

As usual, there is NO WARRANTY, I don't provide any support and the next development will probably be very slow. If you have some comments, bugfixes etc., please send them to the address below. Especially the patches allowing to compile the package on more platforms are welcome (I have access only to RH 6.2 and partially to SuSE 6.0).

Bratislava, 9. 4. 2000

Stanislav Meduna
stano (AT)